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Corktown AFC COVID-19
Testing Guidelines Updates


4/8/21 - MDHHS Interim Guidelines

We are notifying you about our Corktown AFC COVID-19 Testing Guidelines to satisfy the requirements set forth by the MDHHS Interim Guidance on Athletics dated March 20, 2021. Along with this announcement, you will find that the most
common FAQs are listed in this document below and soon on our website. You will be sent the Corktown AFC Player COVID-19 Testing Waiver shortly. This waiver must be signed and returned before your first interaction with the club.

We are partnering with National Diagnostic Services (NDS) out of Novi to provide onsite rapid COVID-19 antigen testing to all of our athletes. As we are moving forward with this initiative, it is imperative that any member of our club who tests positive outside of our weekly scheduled testing, quarantine immediately. There are two options being offered for our Corktown AFC players affected by this order as follows:

Option 1:
Corktown AFC has partnered with National Diagnostic Services (NDS) to provide weekly testing at our stadium and training facility. While we are finalizing the testing schedule (which will be communicated as soon as we have it), these are the highlights at this time:

1. ALL Corktown AFC athletes are required to test weekly to participate in club activities.
If a player has tested positive in the prior 90 days, the player is exempt from testing if a doctor’s note is provided stating the date of the positive test.

2. Insurance will NOT cover the test costs.

3. NDS will be administering Rapid Nasal Tests to all athletes at a cost of $25/test.
You may pay with cash, and NDS is working through the process to accept credit card payments. For further questions regarding the cost of the test, please refer to the FAQs.

4. This is a less invasive testing method than the PCR-test, and the initial results will be ready within 15 minutes of testing.
Results will be reported by NDS directly to the MDHHS within 48 hours of test submission. In the event of a positive result, the parent/player will be contacted immediately and directed to submit a PCR-test.

5. Each player will need a signed “Corktown AFC Player COVID Testing Waiver” prior to using any of the provided Testing Sites.

Option 2:
You will be able to procure your own tests at a location of your choice (if you are not interested or able to utilize our club Testing Sites). For this option, please note the following:

1. You will need to alert the testing facility that all results must be reported to the MDHHS Safer Sport Testing Program.

2. Each player will need a signed “Corktown AFC Player COVID Testing Waiver” prior to testing.

3. Any cost incurred by the families with this option is the responsibility of the family.

We feel that the proposed Corktown AFC COVID Testing Plan provides flexibility and accessibility to tests per the MDHHS Order. As we finalize information, we will be sure to communicate to you any changes and important updates.

We thank you again for your understanding, patience and cooperation as we move through these new requirements together.

If you have any questions regarding the plan or COVID testing in general, please contact our Corktown AFC Covid-19 Administrator, Matt Lentine at or by phone at 586-436-1461.

Yours in Soccer,
Corktown AFC Executive Board

Corktown AFC COVID-19 Testing Program FAQs – 4/9/21

1. What is the name of the testing company?
Answer: National Diagnostic Services (NDS)

2. What type of test is being administered through the Corktown AFC Testing Sites?
Answer:  Nasal Rapid Test is being administered at our testing sites.

3. If my child is playing a spring school or club sport and is being tested weekly at the school or club, do they need to be tested with Corktown AFC?
Answer: No. One test per week is sufficient to meet the MDHHS requirements.

4. How much will the test cost if I must purchase it through the Corktown AFC Testing Program?
Answer: $25. This fee will be paid by the player or parent on-site directly to NDS. You may pay with cash, and NDS is working through the process to accept credit card payments.

5. Why is there a charge for the test when the state is providing testing kits for free?
Answer: Yes, the state provides the testing kits for free. However, the state does not provide people to perform the tests, provide personal protection equipment, report the results, or dispose of the Biohazardous Waste (i.e., used tests). To ensure Corktown
AFC is compliant with the testing process, we partnered with a company that has expertise in all aspects of the process.

6. If my child has previously been diagnosed with COVID-19, do they have to test?
Answer: If your child had a positive COVID-19 test within the last 90 days, a test is not required if you have a doctor’s note stating the information.

7. What do I need to bring with me to the testing site?
Answer: You do not need to bring anything with you to the Corktown AFC testing site managed by NDS.


8. I am above the age range required by MDHHS to be tested. Do I still need to test?

Answer: Yes. Corktown AFC recognizes the potential risk for any player in the club to spread the virus to others. Therefore, all players must be tested weekly.

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